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Meet the Chef

The culinary mind behind Cache

Payne Harding

Executive Chef and Owner

Payne Harding’s vision for Cache is one that transcends food — where every guest encounter receives as much care as what emerges from the kitchen. From the architecture of the building to the linens on the tables, Payne believes that every detail is significant and impacts the experience of Cache patrons. With the infrastructure now firmly in place, Payne is immersed in crafting what promises to be a constantly evolving and dynamic culinary story at Cache.

Chef Harding’s insistence on the uncommon is readily apparent in the menu that he has conceived. This includes using fine ingredients, sourced locally when possible, but always procured thoughtfully. His love of bright, acidic, and bold flavors will be coupled with a presentation he hopes will appeal not merely to foodies but to Arkansans of every walk of life. The blend of upscale food in an approachable environment is typified by a state-of-the-art, open-air kitchen that is visible to diners — allowing a more personal feel for everyone who enters.

Culinary Inspirations